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Java Institute’s Students Life
The Java Institute is in the process of introducing completely different, practical and dynamic training environment, imparting modern training methodologies and eliminating traditional methodologies which are not applicable to produce energetic youth to the nation.
Student Success Stories & Alumni Community
Information on the success stories of the students of the Java Institute for Advanced Technology as well as the Institute’s alumni community, including their academic and professional career victories, are presented herein.
Progression Pathways to Ntec & other Foreign Universities
Ntec Tertiary Group (Ntec) is a New Zealand based consortium of five education providers consisting of (NTI), (CIB), (FutureCOL), (NEI) and (NIE), all New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) approved and accredited tertiary providers.
Flexible Student Loans from HNB
Student loan facilities for PCJT Software Engineers/ Java Institute Students from HNB. The Java Institute has entered into an official partnership with HNB Bank to provide our students educational loans through the HNB FUTUR+ Student Loan Scheme.
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Research News
  Jeneziz 2015 exhibit...
A Software and Robotic Exhibition titled ?Jenezis? was organised on the 10th and 11th of September 2015, at the Matara SA.NA.SA. Hall. ..
  Obstacle Avoiding Ro...
The obstacle avoiding robot can be described as a robotic rover that is able to travel by avoiding any obstacle that is on its path.ult..
  Quad copter Inventio...
The quadcopter is one of the technological and robotic inventions of the Java Institute for Advanced Technology and it was designed usi..
  RPVD-3T - Getting St...
RPVD-3t is an Intelligence & flight controlling system in using PIC Base, Arduino & Java and SE & Web Base Controlling System. RPVD-3T..
  Working Mechanism of...
A robot that was designed by the Java Institute for Advanced Technology is shown in the photographs. A number of various components wer..
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